The Holiday Crowd

holiday crowd

Formed in 2010, The Holiday Crowd are Imran Haniff; lead vocals, Colin Bowers; guitars, Alex Roberts; bass and David George Barnes on drums.


From the album title Over The Bluffs which from a lyric from their song “Tiresome”, “I would have led you away from the alliance and over The Bluffs instead”, but in many ways is an open love letter to Scarborough, Ontario, a notorious suburb of Toronto. Says Haniff, “The whole mood of the record has a Scarborough vibe to it and it only seemed fitting to name it with a honorary nod to our old stomping grounds”. Bowers adds, “I grew up with The Bluffs at the foot of my street and would play there frequently. Scarborough, represents the underdog, always the frowned upon for being tough and rough around the edges”. Haniff muses, “Scarborough has so much stacked against it, it almost seemed like The Holiday Crowd needed to stick up for it. There’s more material lyrically to write about a place that’s tangible and misunderstood than writing about Narnia or Mordor.”Lead singer Haniff, first met Bowers in high school where a conversation about a Stone Roses t-shirt developed into a strong bonding friendship and songwriting partnership. The addition of old friend David Barnes and newcomer Alex Roberts, completed the band. Says Roberts, “I moved to from the UK with my parents to a town south of Toronto. I started visiting the city whenever I could to watch live music. One of these nights I stumbled across Colin and Dave playing; I’d really never heard anything like it. I felt rather homesick the first few years I spent in Canada, and every part of the music Colin was writing took me home.” Barnes added, “The Holiday Crowd has inspired me to become a better musician and who better to find encouragement from than the people I love.”Self described as minimal and stripped-down, The Holiday Crowd’s sound and lyrics arise from all manner of experience- summer afternoon camaraderie’s, introspective reveries and a few shapely ‘inspirations’ along the way. The Holiday Crowd are a bunch of idealists that want what everyone wants, everything… in the most stylish, well mannered and humbling way possible.

“Pennies Found” (shot on an iPhone)

“Over The Bluffs is perfect and so essential you should sacrifice eating so you can buy it!” -The Pop! Stereo


“Genuinely admirable and seriously good guitar pop” - Scatterbrain


“Frontman Imran Haniff has an excellent voice, Colin Bowers knows how to make his riffs ring out, and the way they weave those two things together is pretty impressive.” - i(heart)music