“From the beginning, Brenner describes the complexities of “Hold Me” in the subtle, quick and clever rhyme of “scold me.” Mixing synthetic water colors with oils in a rich emotional palette, Pastel conveys the human experience with the latest technological tools of the solo artist trade. From the opening a cappella call for embrace and the exchange of energy that contact and touch between two can bring, the production slowly unfurls like the intricate splashes of paint on a personal canvas. Pastel presents the vulnerable fears that manifest in the early AM hours of the night and early morning where all validation and approval from the sense of the super-ego is spelled out in the desires that reside in the soul’s deepest pockets. As Gabriel shares the multitude of feelings found in the sleepless stream of thoughts, listen as the production circles around and encompasses the space that occupies the distance between the head and the heart.” – IMPOSE MAGAZINE